Intercon 1 cables can be found in a broad range of applications.  From your local hospital, to Dodgers stadium, to the Hubbell microscope, Intercon 1 cables are relied on to insure a robust interconnect capable of withstanding some of the universe’s most harsh environments.  Examples of these applications and the solution Intercon 1 provided are:

Aerospace Reconnaissance

Multiple cameras linked with one common 38999 interconnect.

Moisture and Atmospheric Isolation Chambers

Use of a hermetically sealed interconnect to restrict gases from migrating through a the cable from the camera to the computer.

High Flex Robotic Cable

Custom-designed cable and connector backshells able to withstand millions of rolling flex and torsional motions. Intercon cables continue to provide reliable service after years of repeated use on big 3 auto production lines.

Surgical Centers

In a surgical theatre where a cable failure cannot be tolerated, ruggedized cables and breakouts were developed to withstand repeated handling by medical personnel and the abuse of equipment traffic rolling over the cable.

Clean Room Environments

Two cables mounted within the same C-track can abrade against each other and can cause contamination in critical areas such as a medical clean room. As exclusive provider of Camera Link assemblies featuring Gore™ Camera Link® High Flex Flat cable, Intercon 1 provides a non-particulating cable solution that resists abrasion and contamination of the clean room.

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