USB 3.1 Hybrid Active Optical Cable

Product Outline

USB 3.1 technology allows for high data rates, but it is quite limited in its effective cable length.  Intercon’s new Hybrid Active Optical (HAO) assembly breaks through the cable length barrier and provides a rugged, high flex solution for those applications where a high flex, long distance solution is needed.

Also unique to our product is the inclusion of a copper conductor to provide power to the device.  Traditional AO cables consist only of glass or plastic fibers.  The Intercon HAO cable is a hybrid that contains both copper and fiber allowing for both power and data transmission over extended distances. In addition, this HAO solution is designed for high flex robotic applications, specifically rolling (C-Track) applications.  It’s unique design utilizes specialized materials developed for the most demanding applications. The thumbscrew locking feature insures a secure robust connection to the device.

  • Supports high data rate transfers up to 5 Gbps
  • Robotic Grade – High Flex
  • Thumbscrew locking
  • EMI resistant
  • No separate power required
Cable Specifications
  • Overall Diameter: 4.8 mm
  • Operating/Storage Temperature: 0°C to 50°C / -20°C to 70°C
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • Min. Bend Radius: 50 mm (Dynamic) | 20mm (Static)
  • Device Side Voltage: Max 5 volts
  • Device Side Current: 900 mA (05m / 10m /15m) / 600 mA (20m)
Flex Test Parameters
  • Bend Radius: 50 mm
  • Travel Distance: 1000mm
  • Cycles Per Minute: 33 (back and forth = 1 cycle)
  • Cycles Achieved: 10 million +
Primary Components
  • Cable: Hybrid (Combination of Fiber and Copper)
  • Connector A: USB 3.1 Type Micro B Plug w / Thumbscrews
  • Connector B: USB 3.1 Type A Plug
Ordering Information
Cable I.D.Description
F-AOC-B3PMBT-5.0-PA 5 meter long Micro B with thumbscrews to A
F-AOC-B3PMBT-10-PA10 meter long Micro B with thumbscrews to A
F-AOC-B3PMBT-15-PA 15 meter long Micro B with thumbscrews to A
F-AOC-B3PMBT-20-PA 20 meter long Micro B with thumbscrews to A

*Note: Cable assembly is not backwards compatible to USB 2.0


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