USB | USB 2.0

Product Outline

Designed to surpass 10 million flex cycles in the most extreme conditions, this unique cable continues to transmit high quality USB 2.0 signals through bending, torsion, and pulling, creating the perfect solution for industrial USB applications.

The rugged overmold offers additional strain relief and increases the assembly’s ability to perform with dependability.

The small cable OD allows continued performance and reliability at a tight bend radius.


  • 10 million + flex design
  • Overmolded interfaces
  • Small bend radius
  • Dual shielding
  • Double shielded to maximize performance


 Cable Specifications

  • Overall Diameter: .177 Inches
  • Max Temperature: 80 Degrees C
  • Jacket Color: Violet
  • UL/CSA Rated: Yes
  • Min. Bend Radius: 1.77 Inches (Static) | 2.66 Inches (Dynamic)
  • Flame Rating: VW-1 


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Part number: IFC6-GEVP-XX-P

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