Remote Head Cables

Product Outline

Intercon 1 offers a variety of Remote Head cables to interface between camera heads and control units.

Most configurations are available in high flex, Teflon, and right angle versions.

In addition, we offer custom lengths as well as extension cables and couplers.

Crosslist to Camera Model

Intercon 1 Part Number Camera Mfr Camera Model Cable Number
RHC1P-8.0-SJ Panasonic GP-CD-1 CP-CA31
RHC2P-**-SJ Panasonic GP-MF200 WV-CS**
RHC3S-**-P Elmo/Toshiba IK-C40, IK-M40, IK-M41 EXC-4**M
RHC3S-**-P Elmo/Toshiba CN-401E, MP-481PAL, ME-411E, ME-421 EMC-**-A
RHC4P-**-P Elmo/Toshiba IK-M30, IK-C30, EC-202, EM102 EXC-3**M
RHC5P-**-P Elmo/Toshiba IK-M30, IK-C30, EC-202II, EM102II EXC-3**M Screw lock
RHC6S-**-P Panasonic GP-KS102 GP-CA44, GP-CA45,GP-CA46, GP-CA48, GP-CA49
RHC7P-**-DS Cohu 4980 8358-**
RHC8S-**-P Panasonic GP-KS162 GPCA-162/*
RHC9P-**-P Dage IK-TU40A EXC-T4**
RHC10S-**-P JAI/Pulnix M10000K CV-M1200K, CV-M1250K
RHC11S-**-P Elmo/Toshiba IK-M43, IK-CU34A, MN-42H, CN-42H EXC-43**
RHC12S-**-P Hitachi KP-C230 EMC-**H
RHC13S-**-P Elmo IK-UM42A, UN411E C**2KAC
RHC14S-**-P Panasonic GP-KS1000 GP-CAK/*
RHC18S-**-P Teli CS5131-01 CPC5131M-**J
RHC19S-**-P Panasonic GPKS-532 GP-CA522/4
RHC20XSJ-**-P Elmo IK-7XD Extension
RHC22S-**-P Panasonic GP-US502 GP-CA63
RHC23P-**-P Elmo IK-TU51 T503, T506, T510
RHC24S-**-P Sony DXC-C33, DXC-C33P CCMC-