Iconix Video Cable Repairs

Intercon 1 is experienced in the manufacture of Iconix Video remote head camera cable assemblies.  That experience allows Intercon to offer repair services for Iconix Video Camera cables.  The OEM connectors are in stock allowing for quick turnaround times, thereby minimizing your down time.  Upon receipt of your cable assembly, Intercon 1 will inspect the cable assembly to determine the nature of the defect and replace the appropriate connector end.  If the cable itself is found to be defective and the defect is found near an end of an assembly, Intercon 1 will notify you of the amount that the cable assembly would need to be shortened to remove the defective portion of the cable prior to the repair .  Most bulk cable damage is not repairable due to the impact on signal integrity and unfortunately the bulk cable is no longer manufactured so repairs are limited to connector replacement and/or shortening of the assembly.   Credit card payment is required at the time the cables are repaired and prior to shipment.

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