Customized Flex Testing

Intercon 1 has experience in developing high flex cable solutions for the most demanding of applications.  This experience has resulted in the development of robust processes and test equipment that is used in the development and validation of those solutions.  Intercon 1 now offers flex testing services to its customers for the development and validation of a cable’s suitability for the customer’s own application.  Customers may provide the specific flex parameters of their application and Intercon will customize its test equipment to best simulate that application.  With this service customers are provided peace of mind knowing that the cable solution has been validated for their specific application and what the expected life expectancy is for that cable.  This leads to increased productivity and reduced down time due to an elimination of cable failure.  Flex testing is available for rolling flex (catrac) and  torsional motions as well as the testing of strain reliefs.

Rolling Flex

Torsional Flex