Bulk Cable

Bulk Cable

Intercon 1  is continually designing new cables to meet industrial, medical, and scientific CCD requirements. Please be sure to check out this page (we encourage you to bookmark) every time you areworking on a new product. It will be updated as new cables are made available.

Intercon 1  cable may be incorporated into a customized assembly or purchased in bulk quantities. Our standard packaging for bulk cable is 31 meters (101.68') spooled and boxed. Other lengths and put-up's are also available upon request.

If you don't see the configuration you need, please let us know. We can produce virtually any style to fit your design parameters. Our minimum requirements for custom cable are very reasonable, please check with our Customer Service Department for details.

Following is the current listing of Intercon 1  cable:

Mixed (Composite)
S-Video / CCTV
Single Coaxial
Twisted Pairs 22awg
Discrete Wire 22awg
Discrete Wire 24awg

Twisted Pairs 24awg
Discrete Wire 26awg
Discrete Wire 28awg
Twisted Pairs 28awg
Discrete Wire 30awg

High Flex Robot Cable
LVDS High Flex Cable
USB 2.0 InfiniFlex Cable
Firewire InfiniFlex Cable

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