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Camera Link Cable Camera Link High-Flex Cable Assemblies

To support the rapidly emerging Camera Link® standard, Nortech Systems Intercon 1  developed a robust, industrial grade, high-flex cable assembly.

Camera Link® is a camera-to-frame-grabber interface specification based on an implementation of National Semiconductor's Channel Link technology. The specification was developed through an initiative headed by PULNiX America, Inc. ( Camera Link defines a single connector for both the frame grabber and the camera. This ensures that all Camera Link cable products bearing the Camera Link logo are interchangeable with each other.

These CL Committee certified products are supplied for use in Camera Link applications around the world. As a member of the Camera Link Committee, Nortech Systems management is committed to providing the finest quality camera cableproduct from dealer or factory stock.

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Custom Camera Cable and Assemblies

Nortech Systems Intercon can provide virtually any type of camera cable assembly including:

• Miniature size
• High flex-life
• High-temperature
• Special jacketing
• Unusual combinations of coaxial and discrete wires
• Underwater
• Vacuum
• Nuclear

We're prepared to meet your immediate prototype needs and high or low volume production runs. Materials include (but are not limited to), PVC, Teflon (FEP, PFA), PTFE, Polyurethane, Tefzel, TPR, TPE, Santoprene, Silicone and Polyethylene. Coaxial wires as small as 40 awg. Two digital signal cables have been approved by major camera cable manufacturers are now available from stock.

Nortech Systems Intercon InterFlex High-Flex LVDS / RS-422 cable is one of the most requested products for applications that require flex cycle life greater than 1Million. Customers seek it for its resiliency, suppleness and resistance to excessive convolutions.

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Bulk Cable

Nortech Systems Intercon has grown to become the largest producer of CCD camera cable assemblies in the United States. To meet volume needs and ensure consistency, high quality and availability, our engineers have designed camera cables for most standard camera requirements. This U.S.-made bulk cable meets demanding worldwide standards for flexibility, size and electrical requirements in camera cables.

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Medical and Scientific Assemblies

Nortech Systems Intercon also produces cables for the medical equipment industry. Its facilities are equipped to handle specialty small volume designs and high volume molded and non-molded assemblies. We will work with you to design a video cable and assembly that will meet your usage and sterilization requirements.

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Telecommunication Assemblies

Nortech Systems Intercon produces a number of cables using TWP and coax to serve the telecomm industry.

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